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Green TreeDid you know that recycled tires can be turned into brake pedals or floor mats? What about the fact that two gallons of recycled motor oil can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost 24 hours? If you’re looking for a way to go green and get involved in automotive recycling, Arnold Tire is the place for you.

We offer unique automotive recycling endeavors for every kind of person: the go green activist who drives a hybrid and the pickup truck driver who only recycles tires because trash collectors won't take them. We offer tire recycling services, motor oil recycling services, auto and metal recycling services, and other go green initiatives to customers in Arnold, CA and other surrounding areas.

Tire recycling is an excellent option for anyone who owns a car. Tires are very resilient and durable, so letting them sit in a dump infinitely is a huge waste. Recycled tires can be turned into other car parts, soles for shoes, basketball courts, and playground padding. Recycling motor oil is important because oil can be re-refined and used again. After a complicated filtering process, oil can be reused mainly at power plants or in industrial boilers. Auto and metal recycling saves time and resources by not having to make the same parts again. Auto and metal recycling services save an estimated 85 million barrels of oil every year.

We are proud to offer these recycling services to our customers. We know that our technicians and auto recycling experts are making a difference for the greater good, one tire or gallon of motor oil at a time. If you’re interested in learning more about tire recycling and other go green undertakings, give us a call at (209) 795-7848 or feel free to stop in to our shop today. You too can make a difference.

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